Confessions of a Wildlife Filmmaker

Black mamba-Ngorongoro

In an article on NPR, Barbara j. King writes about Chris Palmer´s new book on ethic in the wildlife filmmaking industry to be published in 2015. In the book “Confessions of a Wildlife Filmmaker” Palmer shows how programmes produced by Animal Planet and Discovery, among others, falsely depict animals such as wolves, bears and snakes as being vicious, nasty or agressive. He also explains how certain productions use computer animated images making believe viewers that these are in fact real. Link to article

Crossing the Mara River

Last September I went on safari to Mara River in Northern Serengeti. I was lucky enough to see five crossings. Two times I saw crocodiles preying on wildebeests. On the first occassion a wildebeest was swiftly dealt with. On the second (pictured), believe it or not, the wildebeest survived after around 20 minutes of struggle. This was literally a battle between David and Goliath.