Julián Guerrero Orozco FLS

 Julián studied law and international relations. After a fulfilling 20-year career in government, diplomacy and business consulting, he decided to dedicate himself to developing tourism projects for the conservation of nature. He set up a safari company under this approach called He has also studied the role of tourism in reconciliation processes and conservation in Africa, and is currently developing a project in Colombia in the framework of the country´s post-conflict.

Julián practices wildlife filmmaking and photography, and nature guiding, his true passions. He studied wildlife filmmaking at American University and at Wildeye: International School of Wildlife Filmmaking. Julián is also a self-taught naturalist with focus on natural history and ethology. He trained as a nature guide and holds an IGS guide certification on birds, invertebrates and botany. He speaks English and Spanish and has medium knowledge of French and Italian.

Julián was born and raised in Colombia but has also lived in Paris, London, Washington, Cape Town, The Hague and Arusha He now resides with his family in Bogotá, where he spends most of his time in the bush, studying wildlife and working on a conservation-oriented tourismo project called

Julián is also an avid sailor. He has sailed in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the North Seas, and the Indian and the Atlantic Oceans. He is a certified RYA Yachtmaster skipper. He owns a handmade 14 feet Kittiwake gaff cutter yawl named Capricho. His dream is to sail around the world with his wife Ana María and his sons Simón and Tomás.

Julián is a fellow of the Linnean Society of London (, a registered member of Wildlife Film ( and a member of the Interpretive Guides Society´s Steering Committee (


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