Are wildlife documentaries contributing to environmental ignorance?

Conservationist and renowned authority on chimpanzees, Dr Jane Goodall.

Wildlife films offer magnificent windows into nature, but is their romanticised view of wilderness hiding the darker side of habitat destruction and threatened species? Sarah L’Estrange asks whether David Attenborough and his ilk are keeping our eyes wide shut. Link to article.

The Vanishing King of the Savannah

The population of lions has declined by 30% in the last twenty years. According to IUCN estimates there are around 32.000 of them remaining in the wild today, making them a vulnerable species. Human beings are lions’ greatest enemy, having taken them to the brink of extinction.This video is a compilation of the footage I’ve taken of these cool and majestic creatures while on safari during the last year. Enjoy!

Interpretive Guides Society’s new website


The Interpretive Guides Society (IGS), a not-for-profit association of  safari guides dedicated to promoting a voluntary standard of excellence in conservation-oriented nature guiding, has a new website. Visit our page and learn about the Society’s work and its Code of Ethics for nature guiding. Get involved and contribute to conservation efforts.

E.O. Wilson’s Life on Earth: free biology textbook on itunes

Life on Earth E.O. WilsonOur  living planet faces unprecedented challenges. The most important tool we have to meet those challenges is education. The E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation has gathered together a contributor team consisting of educators, multimedia artists, 3D animators trained in science and cinema, and textbook professionals, led by naturalist Edward O. Wilson. Our goal is to create a cultural landmark—a portal that will introduce students to the grandest story there is, the story of life on Earth, from molecules to ecosystems, from the origin of life to the modern awareness that we control the environment we live in. E.O. Wilson’s Life on Earth is a new digital textbook for high school biology students. This collection is entirely free and available for download from itunes. (text taken from E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation).

Great Elephant Census project


Paul G. Allen in partnership with Elephants Without Borders has launched the Great Elephant Census project, an unprecedented initiative to count the number of elephants that subsist in Africa today. Current poaching of elephants in Africa is at its highest level in decades. This extraordinary effort will contribute to preserve the population of a keystone species, which is crucial to the African ecosystem. Learn more about the project at

Elephants: nature´s masterpiece

Over the last century elephant population has declined to less than 1%. Every 15 minutes one elephant is killed in Africa. It might be that in a few years we will only be able to watch these majestic animals in videos like this one.

Wayo´s Guide Training Course, 4-15 April 2014

Memories from Wayo´s Guide Training Course which concentrated on birds, botany and insects. A fascinating experience for trying to understand all of nature´s magic and mystery. The course was led by Sean Robertson and Wayne Te Brake two remarkable trainers not only for their very broad knowledge but also for the passion with which they communicate their love for nature. A real life-changing experience.