Colombia’s endangered cats

Los Felinos de Colombia

The Felines of Colombia

We normally associate felines with large African or Asian cats such as lions, tigers, leopards or cheetahs, but little is known about felines from other parts of the world and, in particular, the Americas. A recent study by Instituto von Humbolt and Fundación Panthera bring into light information on the six species of felines that occur in Colombia, out of the 36 species known worldwide. Continue reading

Reconnecting with nature

We live in a world that is increasingly detached from nature. Modern kids live “connected” to electronic devices (TV, ipads, computers) through which they see, from the comfort of their beds, the reality that surrounds them. It is time to reconnect with nature and discover the fun of venturing into the wild. Project Wild Thing is an original initiative that aims at supporting children (and adults) to go outdoors to enjoy the magic and diversity of our planet. Watch the movie, read the manifesto, swap some screentime for naturetime and contribute with your wild ideas.