The Vanishing King of the Savannah

The population of lions has declined by 30% in the last twenty years. According to IUCN estimates there are around 32.000 of them remaining in the wild today, making them a vulnerable species. Human beings are lions’ greatest enemy, having taken them to the brink of extinction.This video is a compilation of the footage I’ve taken of these cool and majestic creatures while on safari during the last year. Enjoy!

Elephants: nature´s masterpiece

Over the last century elephant population has declined to less than 1%. Every 15 minutes one elephant is killed in Africa. It might be that in a few years we will only be able to watch these majestic animals in videos like this one.

Wayo´s Guide Training Course, 4-15 April 2014

Memories from Wayo´s Guide Training Course which concentrated on birds, botany and insects. A fascinating experience for trying to understand all of nature´s magic and mystery. The course was led by Sean Robertson and Wayne Te Brake two remarkable trainers not only for their very broad knowledge but also for the passion with which they communicate their love for nature. A real life-changing experience.

In Cold Blood-combating organised wildlife crime

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) is an independent campaigning organisation committed to bringing about change that protects the natural world from environmental crime and abuse. Their vision is a future where humanity respects, protects and celebrates the natural world for the benefit of all. Support EIA and help save animals for present and future generations.

Gentle Giants

Giraffes are very unique animals. They are the tallest of mammals, they have the largest heart in proportion to their body size to be able to pump blood into their brain and they has special valves used to manage the high pressure at which their blood is pumped throughout their bodies. They are the most liberal of mammals in their social organisation with no evident leaders. Baby giraffes live in creches where one mother giraffe takes care of all the babies while other mothers go to browse. Still scientists debate whether giraffes grew their long necks to reach out for highly nutritious plants or if this happened to be able to reach the ground to drink water. A discussion similar to that of the chicken and the egg.

Restoring a Land Rover Defender Tdi 300 for safari

My experience of restoring a Land Rover Defender for safari en Arusha, Tanzania. The car was completely abandoned and after much effort in terms of time and money I finally managed to put it together. It´s a wonderful and tough beast that all the family has enjoyed.

On safari in Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Tanzania

Visiting for the first time in my life three of the best places in the world to watch wildlife was a very emotional and educational experience. Watching wild animals roaming free in the wild is the closest I´ve been to nirvana.